This Gnarly Electric Skateboard Can Drag Race Cars (Up to Second Gear)

The problem with conventional skateboards is that they generally only work in one direction—downhill. But the Gnarboard Trail Rider isn't a conventional skateboard and, as such, it does very unconventional things—like 0-28 MPH in 1.9 seconds.

The Gnarboard Trail Rider is an 86-pound, 4WD aluminum skate deck powered by a quartet of electric motors. Each motor outputs 850 W (16.5 kW combined peak) to help the Trail Rider achieve better acceleration than virtually every car on the road today. What's more, it offers a 16-mile range between charges, which themselves only take about 2 hours to complete from a completely spent battery.

The rider controls all that raw power with a double-ended, wired hand-trigger. Squeezing the toggle one direction engages the power, squeezing it in the opposite direction engages the regenerative brakes. Bindings similar those on snowboards keep riders atop the machine while its all-terrain tires allow the Trail Rider to conquer grassy campus knolls, hiking trails, and office parks with ease.


The Trail Rider is the biggest and baddest of Gnarboards offerings at $6100. The company also makes the slightly smaller 4WD Road Warrior model with 2 kW power, 0-28 in 2.8, for $5000, and the $4800 2WD Commuter with 1.4 kW of power. They're all available on the Gnarboard website and are currently available for order. [Gnarboard via Gizmag]

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My car is geared EXTREMELY low and I can still do 30 mph in 1st, what car needs a shift to 2nd before 28? Also, this is awesome!