This Gorgeous Dutch Bike Is the Perfect City Ride

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I've got a FAST custom road bike. I love it, but in the city it feels like a sports car. It needs a lot of TLC, and I've got to constantly worry about it getting stolen. For what? To be stuck in traffic? I need a killer city bike like the Vanmoof 5.7.


Dutch bike maker Vanmoof has been building beautiful, utilitarian bikes for a few years now. They're designed in the pervasive cycling culture in Holland that values comfort and practicality, but this ain't no granny ride: The Vanmoof 5.7 is hot. The seven-speed is configurable to your exact liking with an optional built-in Abus chain lock, rear carrier, and front basket. (A single-speed version, the 5.1, is also available.) The bike also comes with built-in Philips lights so you don't get iced while riding at night.

Depending on what configuration you choose, the bike will cost you between $700 and $1400. OK, so maybe that's not as cheap as janky thrift store cruiser. But just because you're not driving a sports car doesn't mean you need to drive a Geo Prism. [Vanmoof via Cool Material]

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Sorry but it looks like I could build this bike with less than $100 of metal pipe and a rented welder. I'd rather spend $350 on a mid range bike at Walmart than this thing.