This Groovy New Music Video Is More Lo-Fi Fun From Michel Gondry

Illustration for article titled This Groovy New Music Video Is More Lo-Fi Fun From Michel Gondry

Ah, to exist in the fantastical world of Michel Gondry's mind. The French director has gone back to his music video roots to shoot Love Letterswhere lo-fi visuals meet jaunty throwback harmonies—for British quartet Metronomy.


From the audience applause that kicks things off over a groovy, hand-lettered title card, the whole thing is like Gondry Lite: panning over exposed cords and camera track to a brightly painted, multi-sided set that surrounds the band—all dressed in matching outfits, natch—who are filmed in a single take that circles them again and again.

Each of the walls features a different scene both inside and out, with windows that offer glimpses of Metronomy jamming and some happy folks clapping around in the background. It's good fun, and you'll probably be humming the beat for the rest of the day.

However, the Gondry news I'm really excited about is that Drafthouse Films just acquired the U.S. rights to Mood Indigo, the film based on Boris Vian's incredible, beautiful, brilliant book Foam of the Daze. I cannot wait to see this freaking thing. Yasss.


Still my favorite Gondry video. I like the song better too.