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This HDR Video Makes an Old Chapel Look Like a Video Game

Illustration for article titled This HDR Video Makes an Old Chapel Look Like a Video Game

We've seen HDR make life look hyperreal before but this short film takes it to another level. The chapel is real, built in 1796 in Poland, but it looks like something out of Gears of War. Just watch.


The astonishing, unreal parts are seen around the 1:25 mark. I know HDR always has this sort of unnatural effect on things, it just always surprises me how out of this world it can get.

You can watch the behind the scenes look at how 'The Chapel' was made too:

[The Chapel via PetaPixel]

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Makes you realise that the only thing standing in the way of much better more realistic-looking games is the lighting. If that looks like gears of war, then the developers of gears of war should just add an effect the replicates turning HDR off. That probably means swathing half their beautiful creation in darkness - but hey if that's what it takes...