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This Herb-Grinding, Weed-Dispensing Pen Is Perfect for Lazy Stoners

The next time you find yourself at the end of a long, exhausting day at the office, what would you rather find in your jacket pocket? A fancy Montblanc writing instrument, or an herb-grinding, weed-dispensing pen that guarantees a super-relaxed evening? The answer is obviously the latter.


The PenSimple is a combination grinder and motorized dispenser that can pulverize and store up to a gram of your favorite herbs, or hold up to three pre-ground grams if you remove the grinding mechanism first. When it’s time to partake in a little R&R, the PenSimple will also dispense your ground herbs into a pipe or rolling paper at the push of a button, keeping your fingers clean.

Image: PenSimple
Image: PenSimple

On a full charge the PenSimple is capable of making anywhere from 50 to 100 dispenses depending on how long your day at work was, and how many herbs you think you’re going to need to relax. At $70 it’s not dreadfully expensive either, at least compared to fancy manually-operated grinders that make you do all the work.

[PenSimple via Geekologie]

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super-relaxed evening

Hyper-aware, mind and heart racing does not sound super relaxed to me. I’ll have a few beers, thank you.