This Hoarder's House Is So Messy and Dirty You Can See It From Google Maps

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I still find it hard to believe that hoarding is a thing but then I remember people are weird and crazy. Like Richard Baker, a man who's collected, held on to and hoarded so much stuff that you can see it all from Google Maps.

It's unbelievable, really. Look at it the Google Maps! Dude has so much stuff it blocks his house. Even more ridiculous is that Richard Baker had stopped paying property taxes in 2009, had fines from code enforcement officials totaling over $6,600 and was even taken to court yet nothing ever changed. His house (which isn't even his house but his late mother and father's) is a disgusting eye sore that looks like a popped pimple oozing with furniture, appliances, bikes and even an old truck. It's ridiculous.

Baker's house, located in San Jose, California, has been like this for decades. Baker, described as eccentric and volatile, has been collecting stuff for over 40 years. The worst part is that Baker doesn't even live in the home! He hasn't been seen for months and no one knows how to get a hold of him. Luckily for his neighbors, local officials will be cleaning up the house in the next two months (after pressure from ABC 7/KGO). Richard Baker, it's time to find somewhere else to put your crap. [KGO via Huffington Post]

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Of course, with the property values being what they are in Silicon Valley, I'm guessing that house is still worth at least $500k, even with all the crap.