This Hologram Darth Vader Toy Is Actually To Scale With The Movies

Star Wars fans: Did you know that the hologram of Darth Vader that appears in General Veer’s AT-AT in The Empire Strikes Back was 20 inches tall? If you did, then wow, that is some spectacularly detailed trivia you have in your noggin. Your reward? This accurately scaled, bright blue Darth Vader figure.

The latest San Diego Comic Con 2015 exclusive from Entertainment Earth is a new figure from Jakk Pacific’s giant-sized Star Wars toyline. Based on their 31” Darth Vader, this hologram version of the Sith Lord is made entirely out of translucent blue plastic (even the cape, which reminds me of those old vinyl capes that the original Kenner Star Wars toys had, just less severe!). The figure comes in a special light up box, which occasionally flashes to light up the figure as if it’s a crackling hologram:


It’s a shame the figure itself doesn’t light up, but I guess you’d end up packing your translucent toy with very non-translucent electronics. But aside from lighting up, one of the main points Entertainment Earth and Jakks highlight about this Vader is the fact that, at 20” tall, it’s the first ever Holo-Vader toy made that is actually accurately scaled to his holo-appearance in The Empire Strikes Back. Honestly, I’m having a hard time believing this was meant to be 20” inches tall:

But still, that’s a really weird, oddly specific bullet point to pitch your merchandise. Yet also kind of perfectly Star Wars-ian in a way?

Unlike many of Entertainment Earth’s other convention exclusives, this one can’t be preordered online — you can only pick it up at the Con, for the price of $60.



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