This Snowball Machine Gun Shoots Snowballs So Freaking Fast

Snowball fights are basically the only reason for winter so any advancement in snowball fighting technology is always going to be well received around these parts. Our pal Mark Rober, the ever inventive genius, has taken snowball fights to the next level with this awesome snowball machine gun invention. He basically outfitted an Echo Leaf Blower into the most dominating weapon you could have in a snowball fight. It’s like the snowball gun a Terminator would have.


What’s really clever is that Rober added a 15-snowball ‘magazine’ to his leaf blower of a snowball gun. Basically it’s an open tube that connects to the leaf blower that’s controlled by a plunger. If you want to wild out on snowballs, push the plunger to empty the magazine faster. When you’re out, just reload. Genius!


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Nah, you just need Buddy on your side.