This is what happens when a (gigantic) dust devil forms over reddish orange soil and the light is just right: a red dust devil so vivid and tall that it looks like a cartoon. I wonder if the Tasmanian Devil is inside.

Dust devils are not uncommon. You can seen them in the summer, especially over flat lands. These strong whirlwinds occur under sunny weather and, unlike tornadoes, they are not associated to supercell thunderstorms. There have been cases of them growing enough to cause physical damage but, unlike tornadoes, they are mostly harmless.


I've never seen anything like this, though. So red, big and beautiful. I've seen little tiny ones in some areas of the north west of Spain, where there are areas with vivid red clay soil, but this one is impressively beautiful.

Any idea of where this may be? Leslie thinks it's from her home state, in West Texas. [Thanks Jorg!]