This incredible, spooky Lip Art is perfect for October

The month of ghouls and creeps is upon us, and that can only mean one thing - a month of amazing Halloween inspired creativity. Kicking the scary shindig off is makeup artist Eva Senín Pernas with these wonderful Halloween scenes painted onto lips.

Header Image and all other Images credited to Eva Senín Pernas


Pernas' incredibly detailed designs would be the perfect accent to a subtle Halloween-themed outfit - or for a last minute bit of costuming if you decide to leave it until the night before (although it would take a steady, patient hand to paint these perfectly - not really what you'd have if you're fretting about Halloween ideas!).

Pernas' amazing makeup artistry doesn't just stick with Halloween, either - she's also done other pop culture designs like these gorgeous Iron Man and Game of Thrones inspired lips:


You can see much more of her makeup work at her DeviantArt and Facebook pages.

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