This Indestructible Camera Will Be the Only Thing Left to Record the Apocalypse

When you go to the trouble of installing a security camera in some hard-to-reach place, you want to know for certain it will survive with little need for maintenance. That’s what Panasonic is promising with this remote camera that keeps on recording even when the wind is blowing at preposterous speeds up to 134 MPH.

Thanks to a streamlined housing that makes it look like a swollen airplane wing, Panasonic’s Aero PTZ Camera WV-SUD638 can actually survive winds upwards of 180 MPH, but don’t plan on recording in those absurd conditions. Even at 134 MPH the camera’s going to be jostled around by those intense winds, so to reduce vibrations and shaking in the video it records, Panasonic has also integrated two separate motors to compensate for horizontal and vertical motions, in addition to electronic image stabilization.


The Aero PTZ Camera can also shrug off nasty weather, and whatever happens to get picked up and thrown around by strong winds. Its fiberglass housing prevents corrosive salt water from slowly degrading the hardware, and a tiny wiper blade on the front clears off rain and dirt. There’s even a defroster inside that allows the camera to function in temperatures as low as -58 degrees Fahrenheit, and a heating element that warms the glass in front of the lens so that it doesn’t fog up.

When the world finally comes to an end, this will probably be the only thing documenting humanity’s extinction so future inhabitants of our planet can understand what happened.

[Panasonic via Nikkei Technology]

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