Illustration for article titled This Iron Man-Like Glove Makes Working With Tools a Hell Of a Lot Easier

NASA and GM's last collaboration was the recently deployed Robonaut. But the two are teaming up again to develop a robotic glove that will make working with heavy tools in space, or on an assembly line, a lot easier.


The Human Grasp Assist device, or K-glove, or Robo-Glove (they really need to make up their minds) uses pressure sensors in the fingertips that automatically tighten actuators in the fingers, providing extra grip. Without the glove an astronaut or assembly worker might need to exert 15 to 20 pounds of force to grip a tool, but while wearing it that would be reduced to 5 to 10 pounds. And that leads to less fatigue in the hands, allowing them to work longer.

The current prototype weighs in at two pounds, which of course is two more pounds the wearer has to lift while using the glove. So GM and NASA are working to make it lighter and sleeker so it's less cumbersome to wear. Now all they need to do is finish the rest of the body so the Iron Man suit can be a reality. [GM via SlashGear]

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