Illustration for article titled This Is Allegedly How People Hack App Store Rankings in China

It's become hard to manipulate App Store rankings, with Apple increasingly stamping out contributions made by bots. But what if you have a huge bank of iPhones to make (seemingly) legitimate contributions?


This image is circulating Chinese social media site Weibo, captioned to explain that it shows a "hardworking App Store ranking manipulation employee." Flanked by dozens of iPhones, she's supposedly tapping away to force apps up the rankings. There's also what's purported to be a price list for the service, too—with the offer of getting an app into the Top 10 Free Apps for $11,200 and a further $65,000 a each week to keep it there.

How accurate and truthful this all is, it's hard to say. But as Tech in Asia points out, listings on Chinese e-commerce sites certainly describe how vendors offer these exact services. This seems as good a way to offer the service as any other. [Tech in Asia and Weibo via Cult of Mac via Verge]


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