This is Hitler's skull

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You're looking at an x-ray of Hitler's skull, now up for auction starting at $100. It was part of a 47-page 1945 classified report issued by the US Military Intelligence Service Center that "contained highly-detailed data obtained from Adolf Hitler's six chief physicians."


The report also contained "ten x-rays of various views of Hitler's skull and several electroencephalograms."

It doesn't look very different from ours except perhaps for the massive teeth work—and the fact that its owner was a mass murderer and a mad man.

This is not only Hitler's skull but a stark reminder that monsters live among us, invisible and unnoticed. This one conned a country into exterminating 11 million people in concentration camps and starting a war that killed 60 to 80 million. Some people turn into psychopaths, killing other humans one by one. Some grab a gun, go to a school, and kill their schoolmates. Some turn into rapists or unscrupulous people who exploit innocents for their own benefit, being it economical, sexual or both.

That's the really scary thing, that all these demon's x-rays look just like everyone else's—and their faces too.

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