This Is How a Warp Drive Spaceship Looks

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Warp drives may hold the key to reach the stars—despite the naysayers. The Discovery Channel is featuring a scientifically accurate warpship design, following our current knowledge of spacetime.

The spacecraft's shape—created by Dr. Richard Obousy and Alex Szames Antigravite—is optimized to manipulate the surrounding dark energy and surf the spacetime bubble, as you can see in this concept image:


First proposed by Mexican physicist Miguel Alcubierre, a warp-drive powered spacecraft won't move faster than the speed of light-which is not possible under Einstein's relativity theory-but will move the space-time around it faster than the speed of light itself. Unlike Alcubierre's drive, Dr. Obousy's concept doesn't use general relativity but "the physics of higher dimensional quantum field theory."

And since I'm not Scotty, you can see Dr. Obousy explaining the theory himself here. [Discovery]