This Is How You Fly 200,000 iPhones from China to the US

If you're hoping for a new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus and haven't nailed yours down yet, you're effectively screwed for the time being. But if you were one of the lucky 4 million buyers, there's a decent-ish chance your shiny new toy is in the photo above, where it just flew across the Pacific, boarded up with more than 195,000 of its brethren. That is one hell of a cargo.


The images come from goforblacksky over on the Mac Rumors forums, who just touched down in Anchorage with his 747 full of smartphones.

This particular bunch weighed in about 256,000 pounds, putting him just under the max landing weight of 643,000 pounds. And according to his estimations, about 20 to 30 of these loaded-up airplanes are coming out of China daily.

Getting a look at the sheer mass and manpower it takes just to transport just a fraction of these bad boys certainly helps put the whole operation into perspective. And all this, sold in a matter of hours. [MacRumors]


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