This Is Not a Photoshop

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This morning, Ron van der Ende left me speechless with this. They are not pasted in Photoshop. They are not giant tapes. They are not even painted. They are bas-relief mosaics made with old wood cuts. There are more:

According to Ron van der Ende:

I collect old doors and stuff. Old painted wood that I find in the street. I take it apart and skin it to obtain a 3mm thick veneer with the old paint layers still intact. I construct bas-reliefs that I cover with these veneers much like a constructed mosaic. I do not paint them!

I want some of these so badly. [Ron van der Ende via Motherboard via Obsolete]

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Amazing - what do you suppose is recorded on those ridiculously large cassette tapes? Quick, someone grab the elephant-sized tape player out of the jumbo jet storage facility and we can re-live the oldies.

Truly amazing work. What does he do with them after creating them? I assume they are not decorating the walls of his ginormous home? I agree, Jesus - I would love one of these, too.