This Is One Of The Most Realistic Scifi Webcomics We've Read In Ages

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Webcomics cover a diverse range of subjects from slice of life to space opera, but the science fiction comics tend veered toward the fantastical. François Vigneault's webcomic Titan is a much more grounded story, about biologically enhanced workers threatened with unemployment on the Saturnine moon.

When Mngr João da Silva arrives at Homestead Station on Titan, he finds tensions high. He's been sent to determine whether the technologically outmoded labor colony should be shut down, but it's also his first encounter with the Titans, people who have been biologically engineered to work in the moon's low-gravity conditions.

True to their name, the Titans are giants, physically adapted for their lunar labor, but also limited to certain employment activities. The gravity on Earth, for example, would kill them. And now on Titan, they are chafing against the Terran minority. Not only are a quarter million Titans facing unemployment—the moon is also a powder keg.


Vigneault uses technology as a response to humans colonizing the solar system, but ultimately, he is telling a very human story. João finds himself drawn to Phoebe, a cheerful young Titan with dreams beyond the colony. And, while he uses his own technological enhancements to ease the tensions between Titans and Terrans, he's guided by his own sense of what is right—and he makes his own mistakes. But it's that blend of the human moments with the plausible futuristic technology that leaves us so invested in Titan and the ultimate fate of its labor force.

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