This Is the Future of Heavy Work, and It Looks Awesome

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Always fancied riveting one-handed like a super-hero factory worker, some kind of 21st century John Henry? No problem! Lockheed Martin's Fortis exoskeleton–introduced in 2014–allows any worker to handle heavy hand tools while standing or kneeling. And it looks like the future.

The suit enables workers to be more productive with less fatigue or strain, and this image shows it off like the kind of sci-fi reality that it is. But it is not just about strength and stamina. Keith Maxwell, from Lockheed Martin, explains:

"Because the FORTIS exoskeleton is lightweight and mobile, a tool operator could easily wear it while making repairs or performing maintenance in areas that weren't designed for stationary, bench-mounted tools, like in a ship's engine compartment or the fuselage of an aircraft."


Sweet. [Lockheed Martin]