This is the one millionth photo taken from onboard the ISS

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When the first component of the International Space Station was launched in 1998, it was the beginning of something incredible. The ISS is humanity's castle in the sky. The largest spacecraft ever built, it is a multipurpose facility that is as well-suited for scientific research as it is for education and outreach, and is one of the most brilliant examples of international scientific collaboration in human history.

It also happens to be a great vantage point for taking photographs. Lots and lots of photographs.

According to NASA, the photo you see up top is believed to be the one-millionth still image recorded by an ISS crew member [Click here for the gorgeous hi-res version]. This particular photo — which was uploaded earlier this afternoon over on NASA's 2Explore photostream — was captured on March 7 by a member of the Expedition 30 crew from about 240 miles above the southeastern Tasman Sea. [NASA]