Breakin' up is, as Neil Sedaka once sagely pointed out, hard to do. But for one recently divorced woman, studying the data behind the breakup was a balm to help her through a tough emotional time.

Quantified Breakup is a Tumblr which mashes up the personal data of the woman in question—phone logs, emails, chats, bank statements, and GPS traces—to help her cope with the life change. She explains:

Divorce is hard. Putting this process into numbers, images and data visualizations is helpful. It yanks me out of these all-consuming moments of sadness and helps me understand how, perhaps as time passes, things are going to be ok in the long run (looking for positive trends within the data!) I hope these web things can help you, too.


The resulting blog is full of charts, maps and visualizations that illustrate the breakup. Here are a few highlights.

Recording Changing Sleep Patterns


Mapping Cathartic Exercise Sessions

Visualizing Retail Therapy


You should go read the full blog over at Quantified Breakup for an insight into how a little geeking out can help heal a broken heart. [Quantified Breakup via Flowing Data]