What Happens When the Weatherman's Computer Fails

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The weather team down at ABCNews4 just made the most of a horrific, live computer crash. Apparently, the computer that generates the graphics for the TV weather forecasts failed recently, but instead of just standing up there and talking in front of a blank screen, the team created some super half-assed chicken scratch pen drawings on printer paper.

It's great. The computer did manage to create one graphic showing some severe weather alerts, but after that, the weather man just cuts to a shot of a guy holding up some white paper with ballpoint pen sketches on them.

"A couple showers tonight," the weatherman said. "How many?" said the man with the paper holding up two fingers. " Two?"

[ABCNews4 via Reddit]

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I lived in New Orleans back in the late 90s and Nash Roberts was still brought in with hurricane forecasts doing them old-school. And he was generally more accurate than the computers.