This Is What It Looks Like Inside the Collapsed Chilean Mine

The 33 Chilean miners trapped a half-mile underground have made a video of themselves and the place they may be staying for months using a camera handed down to them through a bore hole. They even sing a little bit!


The miners appear to be in fairly good spirits, singing the Chilean anthem and giving a tour of their living quarters, despite having just been told that it could be as many as four months before they're rescued. It was only on Sunday that the miners were discovered alive, though they'd been trapped since August 5; they'd made their three-day emergency supply rations last more than two weeks—but lost around 20 pounds each.

Supplies, including antidepressants and games are now being lowered regularly through one of three bore holes; the other two provide ventilation and a "communications link," respectively.


This might be a stupid question, but if they can lower supplies to the miners, why cant they just pull them out? Especially if they're losing weight like crazy.