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This Is What the Dying Music Industry Looks Like

Illustration for article titled This Is What the Dying Music Industry Looks Like

Instead of eulogies for a music industry too slow to adapt to the digital age, its mourners should just print up this chart on huge poster boards. And while digital sales are helping staunch the bleeding, as you can see here it's not nearly enough.


Then again, apparently the new Radiohead album is pretty good? So there's that. [Ed Cotton via Business Insider]

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Very difficult to interpret such a graph. Is it area or height? If height, is it from baseline or from the top of the previous "hill"? Try to work out from this whether digital sold more than CD in 2009... it could either be just less or just more... either way, the presentation makes it seem like digital is only a sliver. I reiterate: a deceptive graph.