This Laptop Thief Has Balls Of Steel

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According to a police report, 19-year old Jesse Phoutthaphaphone...pppppthft was sitting by a cracked window in his home, typing on MySpace when a thief suddenly popped in the window and stole the laptop right out of his hands.

"I was typing and all of the sudden just woosh! I was like oh, what the hell?" Phoutthaphaphone said.

"This is clearly a real desperate act, I mean he (the suspect) stole the computer out of his hands while he's in his house," Minneapolis Police Sgt. Jesse Garcia explained.

"He was probably just creeping right here, I was typing, and then all of the sudden he just yanked it," the victim remarked. He only saw the suspect's hands; then saw his back as he ran around the corner of his home.


Pppppppthfaftpatphthftyaphone chased after the suspect, eventually cornering him in a nearby garage. The homeowner saw the commotion and jumped in to help—eventually they were both able to pin down the thief until the police arrived. Naturally, he incident described as both "bold and bizarre" has left authorities baffled. [Kare11 via Twitter / Image via Slashdot]

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Spy's sappin' mah Macbook!