This Looks Like You (Ha Ha Ha!)

My brothers live across the country. We used to stay in touch by killing enemies or each other on xbox. But the best was to play "looks like you", which anyone with a cameraphone can play with their loved ones.

The game is easy. You find an ugly clone of someone and send them a MMS with the subject line "looks like you". Jonathan is in a band and has outrageous clothing and long hair and is kind of tall and at times, skinny. I usually send him photos of any chinese dude with long hair. Or a girl. Adam is stockier, with a rounder face. I send him photos of overweight chinese guys that look like peasant rice field workers with rounded shoulders. It's hilarious. The point isn't to find a clone, actually, as much as it is to find walking caricatures of them.


Above, you can see a photo someone sent me. Also, same last name.

I haven't played this game in awhile with Jon or Adam. We've had some rifts grow between us over stupid words in the last year that have thankfully closed. But things are still a little weird. Maybe a few rounds of Looks Like You will fix that.

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