This Magical Time Lapse of Los Angeles Inside a Snow Globe Makes Me Miss Home

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Hi folks. You might think Los Angeles is filled with Starbucks sippin' celeb wannabes who are fake, plastic and vapid. Whatever. I think of Los Angeles as home. And since I'm not going home for the holidays, this time-lapse video is the closest I'll get to a lovely Southern California "winter".

Sure we don't get snow and temperature usually hangs out in the 60s and you can wear a T-shirt, so it hardly qualifies as a "real" winter but you know what? THAT'S WAY BETTER THAN SHOVELING SNOW YOU WINTER SLUDGE LOVING FREAKS. Falling snow is beautiful. No snow is better.

This time lapse video cleverly puts LA inside a snow globe to create a wintery feel. I love it. The video was created by Colin Mika using 4000 pictures taken with a Canon 5D Mark II, tilt-shift lens, light bulb filled with water and paper cut outs. Happy holidays. [Vimeo via PetaPixel]