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This Man Somehow Sneezed Out the Bullet That Shot Him

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I'm stunned. Doctors are flabbergasted. The world is square. What. The. Hell. An Italian man was hit by a stray bullet. In the head. But it didn't kill him! How? Well, he somehow sneezed out the very bullet that shot him.


Darco Sangermano, a 28-year-old Italian man, was partying and celebrating on New Years Eve. Just like you and me. But unlike us, he was partying in Naples where things can get a little wild—down in Naples, they fire guns with live ammunition to ring in the new year. Unfortunately for ol' Darco, he was shot in the face by a stray bullet during one of those celebrations.

Obviously worried for his life, Darco—bloody face and all—rushed to the hospital in hopes that doctors could save him. Turns out they didn't have to. When he got to the hospital, a big whooping sneeze overcame him and out came snot and that .22 caliber bullet he got shot with. From his nose. The doctors were absolutely stunned:

"He was a very lucky man, he could have been killed," Dr. Sid Berrone said. "The bullet went through his temple, behind his eye, entered the nasal cavity and then became lodged in his nostril before he sneezed it out. Amazing."


Doctors cleaned out his wound and removed bone fragments and he's expected to make a full recovery. Amazing indeed. Happy New Year Darco. [Fox News]