This Meteorite Flash Drive Is Out of This World

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Chances are you've got tons of flash drives just laying around. More than you really need. But are any of them made with real, certified meteriote? The Zana Design "Apophis" drive could fill that hole in your collection, for a price.


Named after a 1,280 foot asteroid that may or may not be on a collision course with Earth with a possible impact date in 2036, this snazzy flash drive not only contains real meteriote at its tip, but is also made of 200 year old African black wood, and includes some 925 silver or 18-carat gold, depending on which version you go for. It's also a decent flash drive, with a capacity of 64GB, USB 3.0, and a reading speed of 190MB/s.

All that comes at a price, though. The silver edition will run you $1,130 and the gold version $1,990, a huge price to pay for carting torrented episodes of South Park from one computer to another.But hey, if you want to drop a grand on something that's destined to get lost in the couch cushions, it's your call. Just invite me over sometime, eh? [Zana Design via Born Rich]

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Robbie Grantham

I do have multiple flash drives lying around, but only because I like to build custom housings for flash drives like the ones above that I did.