This involves a meticulous combination of dots plus a mini-leap of faith but a LG phone with the name D820 just cleared the ranks of the FCC. Usually this wouldn't mean much to us but it does sort of, kind of look like the mysterious Nexus phone that popped up in the Android Kit Kat statue video that was pulled by Google.

More evidence this D820 could be the Nexus 5? It has a seemingly never ending amount of wireless bands: LTE support for AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint, all the HSPA+ and GSM bands you're used to along with CDMA and EVDO Rev A. It's basically ready for anything.


The FCC also revealed that this LG phone has Bluetooth 4.0, dual band Wi-Fi b/g/n/ac, NFC and Qi wireless charging. Others have found documents showing it'll have a 5-inch display and be powered by a Snapdragon 800 chip. Just from that look of the specs, it would seem that this phone is a top tier phone worthy of the Nexus name.

What we're looking at up top is an image showing the interior of the phone (which reveals how the wireless charging would work). Here's an image of the backside of the mysterious Nexus phone:


The camera lens hole looks big enough on both, right? Anyway, here's the FCC listing. [FCC via Engadget]