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This Mission: Impossible 5 Trailer Is As Ridiculous As It Needs To Be

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, a.k.a. Tom Cruise's excuse to feel again, has released a big, bombastic trailer. And excuse me, but is that a GUN FLUTE?

Let's list off all the insane shit Cruise is seen doing in this trailer:

  • Getting trapped in some sort of poison gas chamber.
  • Riding VERY fast in a motorcycle without a helmet.
  • Tied up, shirtless, but still kicking everyone's ass.
  • Running from automatic weapons, sans shirt.
  • Wearing cool guy sunglasses.
  • Driving recklessly in a car.
  • Fighting in a tux.
  • Jumping into some sort of waterfall thing (no word on if he says "I did not kill my wife." before jumping).

Also Simon Pegg is in it as well and a new character who snaps necks with her legs/crotch. So this looks like a solid win-win for us and for Cruise's adrenaline fetish.

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