This movie looks like it might freak you right out of your skin

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Beyond The Black Rainbow, in select theaters this Friday, looks like the weirdest frigging movie in ages. Just check out these two exclusive stills, plus the bizarre, loopy trailer. It's a huge tribute to 1970s and early 1980s pop culture, set in a distorted version of 1983.

Here's another exclusive photo, plus a synopsis:

Set in the strange and oppressive emotional landscape of the year 1983, BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW is a Reagan-era fever dream inspired by hazy childhood memories of midnight movies and Saturday morning cartoons. From the producer of Machotaildrop, RAINBOW is the outlandish feature film debut of writer and director Panos Cosmatos. Featuring a hypnotic analog synthesizer score by Jeremy Schmidt of "Sinoia Caves" and "Black Mountain," RAINBOW is a film experience for the senses.


And here's the totally unnerving trailer:

Beyond the Black Rainbow opens in New York and L.A. this Friday, May 18.