This N64 GoldenEye Watch Face Is the Best Reason To Buy the Moto 360

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Apple Watch, Schmapple Watch. If you grew up playing GoldenEye 007 on the Nintendo 64, the decision to strap a Moto 360 to your wrist was just made for you by a developer who's created this amazing Android Wear watch face that looks like just the GoldenEye pause screen.

As modeled by the folks at Phandroid, the Secret Agent Watchface—as it's called in the Google Play Store to keep the lawyers at bay—displays your real-life non-deteriorating health using the red bar on the left, and the Moto 360's battery life using the blue bar on the right. It looks incredibly accurate to the watch Bond wore in the game, except that you'll have to wait for future versions of the Moto 360 for your watch to shoot a deadly laser. [Phandroid via The Verge]