This New Alien: Covenant Short Film Revisits the Scene of the Crime

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Maybe just avoid this one.
Maybe just avoid this one.
Image: 20th Century Fox/YouTube

The two-year anniversary of Alien: Covenant coming to home release was a few days ago, and the official Alien Anthology YouTube account has surprised us with a new short film set in the Alien universe to celebrate.

Called “David’s Lab—Last Signs of Life,” it follows an investigation into David’s lab after the events of the film. It’s a creepy, visually arresting take on a dense and unsettling space, and while the lore-heavy parts of Alien’s mythos might not be everyone’s cup of tea, this is a fun watch. According to the video description, the set used here is a recreation of the original, created with help from YouTube Space LA. It’s an impressive rebuild.

It makes you wonder about all the poor people whose job it is to investigate and clean up after the carnage and explosions that typically characterize these movies. More Weyland-Yutani grunts, probably, doing weird jobs they don’t understand. Eh, I guess most of the time the sites of xenomorph outbreaks end up self-destructing anyway. Saves them the trouble.


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