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This New Documentary on Peanuts Creator Charles Schulz Looks Like a Security Blanket for Your Soul

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Peanuts Creator Charles Schulz From Who Are You, Charlie Brown? Documentary
Charles Schulz at his drawing desk, where the Peanuts magic was made.
Screenshot: Apple TV

There have been several documentaries about and tributes for Charlie Brown and Snoopy, along with their creator, Peanuts cartoonist Charles M. Schulz. But there’s still plenty of room for more, which is good because Apple TV has a new one on the way titled Who Are You, Charlie Brown? and its first trailer is here.

If you were born after 1995 or so, the Peanuts gang might not mean that much to you, although you’re surely still aware of them through their annual holiday TV specials or merchandise. But for anyone who was cognizant during the comic strip’s half-century run from 1950-2000, Schulz’s characters entertained and resonated with kids and adults alike through multiple generations in so many ways. Watch the trailer and see how many and how varied the guest stars who talk about Peanuts’ legacy, and what it meant and still means to them:

That’s a hell of an assortment, ranging from Kevin Smith to tennis legend Billie Jean King, from Nickelodeon star Miya Cech to Al Roker, and with insight from Charles’ widow Jean Schulz and countless classic interviews with the man himself. But that just speaks to how beloved Peanuts was, and still is.


Where Are You, Charlie Brown? is directed by Emmy-winning documentarian Michael Bonfiglio, who also directed Oprah’s Masterclass series, David Letterman’s recent Netflix interviews, and more. The special comes to Apple TV on June 25, although you need to have an Apple TV+ subscription to see it. If you do, however, it looks like you’re in for a heartwarmingly wistful treat.

[Via Syfy Wire]

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