In This Teaser, The Snoopy Show Looks Like a Delightful Return to TV For Charlie Brown and Crew

Snoopy and Charlie Brown.
Snoopy and Charlie Brown.
Image: Apple TV

The return of Peanuts to television is a welcome reprieve in this wild world. And it’s especially a good one if you like Snoopy.


In a new teaser, Apple previews the upcoming Apple TV adaptation of the lauded Charles Schulz comic Peanuts, The Snoopy Show. Starring the silent but craft little dog of Charlie Brown, this looks like a return to form for the Peanuts crew, who have been off of television for quite a while now. If nothing else, this trailer gets the vibe right.

It’s not entirely clear if a show focused on Snoopy is precisely the right way to bring Peanuts back to TV—after all, the point of the strip is generally more to do with the melancholy comedy of life as told through the mishaps facing a small, questionably balding child—but it’s easy to see why it’s an appealing one. Snoopy is fun, Woodstock is fun, and we can maybe have some of that melancholy around the edges.

The Snoopy Show hits Apple TV this February.

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I guess the best I can say is that this could have looked much worse. To be fare, Schultz himself really lost his touch after “The Great Pumpkin” (although I can sit through the Thanksgiving one, too.) Focusing on Snoopy may actually be for the best. I just can’t imagine modern America accepting a return to the spirit of the original strips and specials which really depict children as living lives full of anxiety and depression.

Most people remember Peanuts as warmer and fuzzier than it really was. Check out the stuff from the fifties and early sixties. Holy shit, it’s brilliant stuff.