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This "Oculus Killer" Looks Like a Gigantic Tron Nightmare Shoebox

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

There's a hot new virtual reality headset in town. At least that's what the booth decorations would have you believe. It's got head tracking! It's fully immersive! It's an Oculus Killer!

Okay so maybe not quite.

It's pretty obvious this thing is silly as hell just from the outside looking in. I mean, it looks like someone took a shoebox, coated it in Tron and decided to slap it on their head. Why is it so huge? It's for viewing space because, well, 3DHead is basically just a tablet you strap to your face.


No, we're not talking Google Cardboard or Gear VR which put a display super close to you, split the image between the eyes and have you look at them through lenses. 3DHead opts for a simple no-name Android tablet with some preeeeetty iffy glasses-free 3D that sits at the far end of the helmet, a good half a foot away from your eyes. No, I'm serious. Here's a bad photo of it:


That white part is where the screen would be, but this one is just a mockup.

The demo I saw was a simple one. I gingerly slipped on the heavy, gargantuan headset and played a little Minecraft. Well, not played really but just sort of looked around. To its credit, the head tracking works fine! I didn't get a chance to play with 3DHead's controller, which appears both batshit insane, but also to have all the same buttons and sticks as your average dual analog. And also a slot for a tablet, which looks extra ridiculous if you're holding it while wearing the headset.


So clearly nobody is going to actually buy this, but what if they did? 3DHead imagines a world where folks will stream games from their PC to the device over Wi-Fi, dealing with the resulting lag or just giving up and tethering themselves to a computer instead. That, or they could play Android games or watch movies on the actual Android tablet. The tab apparently converts everything into 3D automatically somehow. It has I N F I N I T E C O N T E N T.


And good(?) news, the 3DHead is actually on sale now! You can buy one for the low, low price of $600. The controller is another $600, unless you opt for a package deal and get them both for $1,000. Or. OR! Maybe you can just go pick up something made out of cardboard instead.