This Oculus Rift App Turns Virtual Reality Into a 3D MS Paint

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Oculus Rift's amazing virtual reality capabilities present a blank canvas for game developers. Thanks to Tilt Brush, the VR goggles could also give you a blank canvas for 3D doodling. It's like a holodeck for MS Paint!

Tilt Brush gives you a virtual canvas you can tilt, spin, and skew to doodle in any plane you desire. The prototype app gives you a plethora of pens with eye-popping effects like smoke and light, allowing you to create glowing, smoldering, shadow-throwing surfaces for the ultimate in virtual expression.

Tilt Brush is just conceptual for now, but its makers say it'll be available when Oculus Rift hits the consumer market in 2015. Check out all the promised features and cool capabilities here, and keep your fingers crossed that Tilt Brush (and for that matter, Oculus Rift itself) makes it to market so we can all get creative with it. [Tilt Brush via The Verge]