At one point in time, camping was truly about getting away from it all and only relying on nature for everything you needed. But these days, most new camping gear pertains to keeping your smartphone charged. Not Francesco Faccin's Re-Fire kit, though. It's designed to make camping a little more rugged again—by letting you start a fire using nothing but wood and elbow grease.

Of course, the kit still appeals to those of us who usually rely on matches or lighters to start a fire, by including all the pre-shaped wooden tools you'll need to get an ember glowing, including a bow and a small can of tinder to turn a hot spark into a roaring flame.


And while some might think this kit is cheating, it's better to think of it as "Roughing It 101." Because once someone successfully starts a fire with their bare hands, it will give them the confidence and know-how to leave this kit at home the next time they decide to test themselves against Mother Nature. [Francesco Faccin via Notcot]