Airports around the world are slowly being upgraded to accommodate all the electronics we now travel with, but the process is slow. Finding an available outlet while waiting for a flight is often still a challenge, but with Bluelounge’s new Portiko in your carry-on, you’ll at least never end up sitting on the floor to ensure your power cords reach.

The Portiko’s a simple six-foot long extension cord that turns a single outlet into two, with the addition of a pair of USB ports including one providing enough power to charge a tablet like the iPad. The plug is angled so that the cord doesn’t end up blocking the other wall outlet, a groove on top of the power brick provides a convenient place to wrap up its cable, and its magnetic so it can be stuck to the legs of a chair or table and stay exactly where you put it.

At just $25—available in white or blue—it’s not just for airport use either. How often have you had to use your dying phone, laptop, or tablet on the living room sofa in an uncomfortable position to ensure its power cord could reach a wall outlet? The Portiko brings the power to where you’re sitting instead, and with four outlets it should ensure there are no fights over who gets to plug in. [Bluelounge]