This Pop-Up Chair Would Make Long Layovers So Much More Tolerable

With the blazing speed of the internet mitigating our every expectation—especially wait times—it's no wonder we get impatient so easily. Delays at the airport are particularly maddening, because there never seem to be enough seats to accommodate the many fuming passengers who all need to get their destinations more urgently than you.

RESMO, a dynamic and malleable piece of folding furniture, is designed to solve just this problem. The hybrid chair's design makes it incredibly functional, since it can be molded into a chair, a bed, or even a love seat for those traveling with company. The chair also boasts an extra flap that can be craned over into a hanging screen to give users privacy.


The pros are obvious. But what about the cons?

RESMO is being proposed as a service that airlines will offer passengers who have been inconvenienced—not as a free-for-all seating epidemic that airports will have to deal with regularly. However, its implementation inevitably raises the question: how will airports regulate and restrict the use of chairs and beds that turn any public space into a seemingly private domain? The TSA gets angry when I forget the wine key in my backpack—how will they respond to potential fire code violations that people splayed on the ground in every which way will surely bring?


While RESMO is in its infancy, its usage may thrive outside airports if taken to the street. Lawn seating at music festivals is always burdensome, because you either pack so much gear that you might as well bring a tent, or your blanket gets rather uncomfortable quickly. RESMO could serve as a nice alternative to pop-up public seating.


At the same time, RESMO could make waiting on the streets of NYC for events like Saturday Night Live or The Daily Show infinitely less troublesome, too, since the NYPD has claimed it is illegal to sit on the sidewalk for such durations. The RESMO would ensure you have a small, legal cushion between your butt and the sidewalk. [Core77; Red Dot]

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