A Portable Room-in-a-Box Lets You Move House in an Instant

If you regularly suffer from itchy feet, you might need a room-in-a-box like this. Designed to make it easy to move from city to city with all the basics you need to set up home, the Travelbox is an experiment in nomadic living.

Designed by Stefan Juust, the concept was dreamt up to allow people to “explore new cities around the world and live comfortably with quality furniture on a tight budget.”


The metal box is completely rigid making it easy enough to ship, and inside it contains all the essentials—bed, storage, table, chairs, bicycle and more—with which to furnish a (modest) apartment. Juust explains:

Rather than being dependent on continually purchasing new furniture in each of your destinations – an approach that is both expensive and environmentally wasteful - the Travelbox prioritizes quality and provides the opportunity for re-use. Through its long life, the Travelbox picks up the marks of its many resting places and becomes an essential component of the adventurer’s journey.

The finished item weighs in at 132 pounds, and measures 6.8 feet in length and 4 feet high. It’s currently just a concept design, but it’s easy enough to believe that there must be a market for it to go into production.


[Juust Design via City Lab]

All images by Stefan Juust


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