This Predator Figure Looks Like It's Ripped Straight From A Comic Cover

That's because it is! Dark Horses' first ever Predator comic is coming up on its 25th Anniversary this year, and NECA are celebrating in their own line of Predator toys with this figure based on Chris Warner's first comic cover for the series.

The figure isn't entirely new, but instead a repaint of NECA's classic predator figure redone in the comic cover's colours, giving it a gloriously retro look. See it in full below:


I love that it's not just a figure using the Comic book's palette, but it also adopts the same sort of shading and detailing effects from Warner's original art. Those red pecs, those shaded armour pieces! Oh my. I wish more toy companies did 'Comic Book figures' in this style more often. The effect is always awesome.

[via Toyark]

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