This Professional Cosplayer Showcases Her Transformation Into The Witcher's Renfri

Renfri and Geralt, The Witcher.
Renfri and Geralt, The Witcher.
Image: Netflix

Authentic cosplay takes a lot of work. It’s an incredible art, on par with professional costuming, except done by hobbyists and fans, some of whom get paid for it but mostly by people who just... really like it. In a new video, a cosplayer shows how to transform into one of The Wicher’s most enjoyable characters.


In a new video put out by Netflix, Alyson Tabbitha, professional cosplayer, walks you through the step-by-step process used to transform from her normal self into Renfri. Makeup, then costuming, with a careful approach to all manner of close details. The final product is immaculate.

Whether you’re a cosplay enthusiast or not, guides like this are fascinating to watch. And if you are a cosplayer, they’re invaluable, showcasing a lot of tricks the experts use to make things that look shockingly authentic. Turning cardboard into a broach is inspired, as is using black paint to make clothes look grimier. Nothing I ever would have thought of.

The Witcher, with its eminently cosplayable designs, is currently in between its first and second seasons, with the second on a production hiatus due to the novel coronavirus.

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Renfri was a character I didn’t really understand. What was her purpose? I guess just to tell Geralt that his destiny was Ciri (something he already knew?).