This Race Car Bed Is a Giant Extension Of Your Kid's Hot Wheels Tracks

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Combining race cars and kids’ beds was a better pairing than even chocolate and peanut butter hooking up. But when you add die-cast cars into the mix, and turn a race car bed into a giant extension of a Hot Wheels stunt track, kids may never want to play outside again.

Step2’s Hot Wheels Toddler-to-Twin Race Car Bed makes the transition from a crib to a real bed a lot easier for a child to deal with. Because instead of feeling like they’re behind bars, the race car bed is one big Hot Wheels playset that’s compatible with all the other tracks their die-cast toys can race around on.


In lieu of a headboard there’s a faux spoiler that serves as a storage shelf for a bunch of Hot Wheels cars. And beneath that, and running alongside either side of the bed, are a pair of long tracks that the cars can race down. At the end of those tracks are connectors that allow the Toddler-to-Twin Race Car Bed to connect directly to flexible Hot Wheels’ tracks, and other playsets.


On top of all that the bed’s even got working LED headlights so kids can keep playing into the wee hours of the night, long after they should actually be sleeping.


The only downside to the $350 Hot Wheels Toddler-to-Twin Race Car Bed is that it’s only available in one version that’s sized for kids. Hopefully Step2 realizes there are plenty of adults who’d love to fall asleep in one of these too, even if the disappointed sighs coming from their partners makes it difficult to doze off. [Step2]

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