This Radio Won't Shut Up Until You Shove a Cork In It

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You use buttons to turn things off and on all the time, and it gets boring. Surely there are cleverer ways to go about such a toggle. That's what the designers at Skrekkøgle thought when they came up with this neat little radio that shuts up when you cram a cork in it.


The radio, called simply Plugg, is a 3D printed prototype by Theo Tveterås and Lars Marcus Vedeler, and it's just about as simple as it seems. There are buttons on the side for changing volume and the cork toggles the on/off, though it's not exactly clear how you might change stations or whether you can use it as a plain old speaker. There's no word as to whether or not the pair plan to put the little guy into full production, but hopefully they will. The cork thing is a gimmick, sure. But it's pretty damn cool. [gizmag]



It requires more work to grab that cork and put it in the speaker than it would be to reach over and press a button that turns it off.