The much lusted after Redray, which looks like the blu ray player Terminator and Darth Vader would use, can now be pre-ordered for $1450 and will start shipping in December. That's damn expensive but 4K! 4K! 4K!


The Redray can play HD, 3D and 4k media and has a 1TB hard drive to store those fatty files. RED is also introducing a .RED codec (native 4K file compressed to 2.5mb/s) and Odemax, "an all-inclusive environment for home and theatrical delivery of feature films, with built-in digital rights management, sales, marketing and analytics tools." Whatever. I know blu ray players and set top boxes are supposed to look all minimalist and small and invisible and stuff but the Redray's brawny design is making me wet with happy thoughts. Find out more here [RED]