This Revolving Ring Keeps Your Keys and Saves Your Fingernails

Nothing Apple announced on Tuesday has as much life-changing potential as this revolving keyring does. It's apparently based on a clever design from the late 1800s that was either lost to time, or confiscated by aliens to slow mankind's progress. Either way, it's back, and ready to save your fingernails every time you need to remove a key.

Instead of trying to pry open a coiled metal ring that's seemingly held together by forces stronger than the sun's gravitational pull, this alternative key ring features a spinning dial on one end that makes it easy to slide a key on, with no risk of it accidentally sliding off later. Available in brass or nickel finishes, the $34 key ring isn't cheap, but it's certainly cheaper than a decent manicure, or repairing whatever you end up breaking trying to get a key onto a traditional coiled ring. [Hickoree's via Cool Material]


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