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This Sarcasm-Detecting Algorithm Is a Really Good Idea

Illustration for article titled This Sarcasm-Detecting Algorithm Is a Really Good Idea

For once, I'm not being sarcastic. You don't have to bother running your sarcasm-detecting algorithm over that headline, students at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Because it's true!


The Hebrew University's Institute of Computer Science in Jerusalem will be attending the International Conference for Weblogs and Social Media next week in Washington, where they will present their "semi-supervised sarcasm identification algorithm," or SASI, to those in attendance.

Having cut its teeth detecting sarcasm on Twitter and in Amazon product reviews (most likely it had a field day when running through the Three Wolf t-shirt), it's built up knowledge on just what sarcasm looks like in the English language—particularly from tweets and posts containing a lot of capital letters or exclamation marks.


It's a shame the SarcMark hasn't been more widely-adopted; the SASI wouldn't have to work so hard otherwise. [SASI pdf via Slashdot via Geekosystem]

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I'm sure it just looks for 'not' at the end of sentences. That's all it does.

I bet I can confuse it with double negatives.

I wouldn't say this is not the coolest thing ever. (no sarcasm detected.)

I totally think Kat is a great writer . . . not. (DING, DING, DING. You are banned)