The solitude of space exploration should be turned into a tablet game

There might not be anything more awesome than going to space. It's an incredible achievement and the idea of exploring the unknown is fascinating. But as this short animation called Solus by Zac Dixon for Identity Visuals shows, it can get quite lonely. Watch it, it's nearly as good as any feature.


Also, the minimalist design of the animation works so well. The entire thing is so simple but so well done. Even without any dialogue, you understand what the mission of this lonely space ship is.

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Just not a freemium game:)

Anyone else noticed that after apple changed "free" to "get" in ios app store the option of seeing which in app purchases and the price of them have been removed from app store? Now you have to download the game and in certain games play through a part of the game to see if in app purchase is a 100$ pay for skill or a 1$ ad removal. That maked it easy for parents not wanting their child to play expensive freemium crap... Not!